RangSutra Website

Website design & development

RangSutra is a community owned craft company that ensures sustainable livelihoods for over 1000 artisans. The organisation, which started with selling its crafts to retailers, wanted to start e-commerce and reached out to us to re-design their marketing website to share a compelling story for its customers.

We started with a round of research to understand what the customer would look for in a brand like RangSutra. We found that we need to strike a balance between a strong product and an ethically conscious narrative.

The visuals on the landing page showcase the range of products, and the narrative speaks directly to the customer, making her feel that the brand understands her and what she stands for. The design is clean and simple to keep the focus on the product visuals, and to reflect the brand personality of being fashionable yet rooted in tradition. The fonts and colors match the threadlike aesthetic of the logo. The inside page goes deeper into the brand promise and the stories of the artisans - RangSutra’s unique differentiator that make its such a special brand.

View website: rangsutra.com