SaveLIFE Foundation

Website design & development

SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) is an independent NGO committed to improving road safety and emergency medical care across india. They came to us with a brief to build a new website that clearly and concisely communicated their work. SLF’s old website was complex and had many different sections and pages. This made it challenging to navigate and find information about road safety. Their main concerns were to address this issue and build a professional-looking site that would showcase their complex work in policy and on-ground interventions and build credibility.

We conducted detailed research to create a strong architecture and navigation for the website that would encapsulate all their work without obscuring any aspect of it. We conducted interviews with commuters in order to understand the current levels of awareness for road safety and learnwhat the commuters’ priorities and concerns were regarding road safety interventions. This gave us insight into the hierarchy of information and user needs.

We re-worked the content to make the information relevant to the user, and to help users understand the policy level work that SLF has undertaken. We introduced new elements to the website, based on our research, such as safety tips, and emergency kits in Hindi and English.

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