Ummeed Child Development Center

Website design & development

Ummeed is a non-profit organization that provides services and training related to childhood developmental disabilities. The Ummeed team came to us with a brief to revamp their website as well as to add information about their new Training Center and the courses they were planning to offer. They wanted the new website to be simpler, less intimidating, and more engaging to their primary audience - parents.

The most important part of the project was working with the content to make it simple and website-ready for its audience. We then worked on the design - using pastel colours, large and easy-to-read font, and friendly Warli art - that connected best with the audience. We added two major dynamic features to the website - the Training Center and the Resource Library. We received positive feedback from various stakeholders when we launched the website. The Ummeed team said that they have seen an increase in phone calls since the launch of the site. Parents and Board Members shared positive experiences in reading and navigating the site, highlighting its clarity, simplicity and ease of use.

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