321 Education Foundation

360 branding & communications

The 321 Foundation empowers schools through their teacher training and school strengthening programs. They approached when they were re-positioning the company and we worked with them on getting an essential communications starter kit in place. This included a new brand identity and branding system, their new organisation narrative, a marketing website, brand brochure, brand collaterals and 3 brand videos. Through our research the 321 team and their external stakeholders, we identified the unique elements that define the organisation’s culture. We took those elements to re-brand the organisation depicting a young, forward thinking, innovative, fun, and passionate organisation. We also worked very closely with the team to help them translate their new identity across all their work and teams.


While 321 was in the process of transformation from a school to an educator training organisation, we played an integral role in driving their organisational strategy and goals forward through a communication strategy. This resulted in us working with them on a communications retainer, and we continue to be thought partners and custodians of their communications vertical. 

View website: www.321-foundation.org