SNEHA Mumbai

Website design & development

SNEHA is a non-profit organisation working with women and children on health and nutrition through all stages of their lives from birth to maternity. With a wealth of work areas and programs that the organization runs, they came to us to consolidate all that they do in a comprehensive and inspiring story reflected on their website. 

Our primary goal for the website was to encourage SNEHA’s stakeholders (funders, NGO partners, and governments) to participate and contribute to SNEHA’s vision. To do this, we needed to first build and design a compelling overarching story of the work that SNEHA does, and then articulate in further detail each of their focus areas and how others can get involved. The biggest challenge was to be as concise as possible and at the same time share enough information as required. SNEHA approaches its work from both ground-up and systemic perspectives. We wanted to represent their approach through dynamic photography of their work, and showcasing many stories and case studies that bring their work to life. 

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