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How the Studio Works

We are a small team of researchers, designers and writers, doing targeted work to drive long-term impact. We take pride in designing solutions that are honest, practical and sustainable. The team functions at an extremely fast pace, following a rigorous planning and implementation process. We run like a high-intensity kitchen.

We are a no-fluff, no-bullshit, no-jargon setup. We keep everything real. We call out things that we aren’t aligned on, or comfortable with. We speak up. We dig, dig, dig, and dig further for better answers. We are all researchers in our own way. We are shy. We are humble. We question everything that we rep, and that’s awesome. We are cynical and extremely critical. We have judgements, but function from a deep level of empathy. We listen. We remember. We fight. We are willing to undo, change and reset for a better solution at any time, and at any cost. We adapt. Help others adapt. We push for change with deep humility and respect.

Our studio has a reputation for maintaining extremely high standards of quality and precision across all aspects of our work. It’s an inclusive work practice with our partner orgs and beneficiaries and collaborators all being at the centre of each discussion. This style of working has been Studio Subu’s trademark and the reason for all its success so far. The people working with us have made Studio Subu what it is. 

Having Soul

Means Everything

Our studio has always been a scrappy little setup. It’s like the library room of a messy writer’s home. It’s like the workstation of an artist’s outhouse. Paint stains on the floor. Dusty carpet. Papers, Books, sheets, and markers all around. Inspiration references stacked in all corners. A couple of wilting plants.

We don’t necessarily build the most cutting-edge designs or experiences. We don’t always get it right. Our solutions aren’t flawless or perfect from any angle. Our opinions and recommendations aren’t always backed by strong proof points. We work on a bit of intuition, a bit of gut, a bit of unbiased observations, quite a few honest conversations and a whole lot of soul. That’s probably why we have had organisations partnering with us since 2015.

Soul in every email we draft. Soul in every little post we put out. In every little thing we create. Soul in each hug and smile we give someone when we meet them. Soul that’s so honest, pure and true, that it sometimes muddies up our understanding of whether we are approaching an action from a professional or a personal outlook. It drives the way we want to find answers in a meeting, or find solutions for anyone’s problem. It's our grit, grind and chase to find the best answer that helps us match up to (or sometimes outrun) the ones with more talent and skill. This is why the studio has survived and stayed (relatively) relevant for 9+ years.

Without soul, we aren’t relevant. There is enough great talent in the world to swap out with. There are better-run firms around us. The soul we bring to our every action at the studio makes us special.


The Team

Partner, CEO/Creative Head



Partner, Head of Strategy & Business



Senior Design Researcher


Senior Visual Designer



Head of Operations




Visual Designer

Mumbai, Full-Time

Design Apprentice

Mumbai, Short-Term

Shoutout to the members who have built the studio

Over the past 9 years, the studio has morphed into different shapes and sizes with a singular goal of pushing and innovating on what research, design and communication is, and can be in the Indian social impact space. We have preferred to keep Studio Subu nimble, fluidic and exploratory as a setup. It allows us to push hard and fast. It allows us to pilot ideas, and experiment with concepts that are hard to implement in a standard agency / organisation.

The studio has had amazing members who've pushed it at different stages of development. Here's a list of our kickass past team members & collaborators who've made Studio Subu what it is today. 

Adhishree Parasnis
Janey Lee
Liam Duffy
Noella Cresence
Rimjhim Surana
Rishabh Sethi
Shail Bajpai
Shivam Soni
Siddharth Agarwal
Siddharth Sengupta
Siddhi Chandra
Suraj Katra
Trusha Oza


Anirudh Ravindran
Gagan Minhas
Nandita Gupta
Nihar Desai
Prasanth Parameswaran
Prashin Jagger
Silja Wurgler
Vipin Joe

Hosted by Teach For India, Mumbai 1st Dec 2023

Personal Brand Session at Staff Retreat


Hosted by ILSS, Webinar 15th Nov 2023

Session on Fundraising Program

Hosted by ATMA, Online 22nd Sept 2023

Masterclass on The Art of Storytelling
[Future of Impact Collaborative

Hosted by Sattva Consulting, Webinar 12th Sept 2023

Capturing and Showcasing Qualitative Impact

Hosted by ATMA, Online 11th Aug 2023

 Collateral Creation & Communication Plan

Hosted by Sattva Consulting, Webinar 10th Aug 2023

Communication for Fundraising

Hosted by Sattva Consulting, Webinar 28th July 2023

Need for a Communications Strategy

Hosted by The Circle, Mumbai 6th Jul 2023

Session on Fundraising Program

Hosted by India Welfare Trust, Mumbai 23rd Jun 2023

Webinar on Building an Org Narrative

Hosted by Teach For India, Delhi 29th March 2023

Session at InnovatEd on Narrative and Comms Strategy

Hosted by Sattva Consulting, Online Oct 2021

Navigating the Fundraising Landscape (Narrative for Fundraising)

Online Nov-Dec 2020

Mentor + Collaborator:  Future of Impact Collaborative [Mentorship Program](Communications support for organisations)

Hosted by Teach For India, Delhi 29th March 2023

Accelerate for Impact Initiative (Communications for Fundraising)

Hosted by Teach For India, Delhi 29th March 2023

Speaker at National Innovation Summit (InnovatED)

Hosted by Future School of Performing Arts (FSPA) Mumbai 2018

Session on Branding & Entrepreneurship

hosted by Teach For India Bangalore 2018

Speaker at National Innovation Summit (InnovatED)

hosted by Parivartan Stories, Mumbai 2017

Speaker at Design For Development

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