Studio Subu is Harish Subramanian's independent design firm. The studio focusses on building solutions for targeted communication challenges faced by organisations in the social impact space. 


The studio takes complete ownership on all aspects of the project, from writing, to design, to project management. Each project goes through a leg of research that spans for 4-6 weeks. This includes a combination of field visits to study the work on-ground, and interviews+workshops with internal and external stakeholders. The findings help us identify directions to take to find a solution.


The learnings define a clear creative strategy for implementation. The building phase is iterative and highly inclusive. It spans for anywhere between 8-16 weeks depending on the complexity of the challenge. The stakeholders and beneficiaries are looped in at every stage. Projects end with a detailed training workshop to help organisations have clarity and control on how to use, adopt, and sustain the solutions. 



Harish has been working in the  social Impact space as a researcher, designer and content writer for 10 years. His work focuses on building accessible and inclusive experiences stemming from user behaviour studies. He uses human-centred design principles as his framework to develop design strategies and improve engagement. Harish holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been internationally recognised and awarded the William Drenttel Award for Excellence in Design (2016).

Harish also runs an experimental project on the side called Lil Subu. Lil Subu is an initiative to provide fun, engaging drawings for kids for free. It is an open-source archive with a collection of ready-to-use colouring sheets hand-drawn by Harish.

Harish credits all his work and accolades to the vision and knowledge shared by his mentor Aaron Padin. 

William Drenttal Award For Excellence in Design 2016
For the Maya Musical Project 

Teach For India

Mentor + Collaborator:  Future of Impact Collaborative [Mentorship Program]
(Communications support for organisations)
Online Nov-Dec’20


Speaker at Accelerate for Impact Initiative (Communications for Fundraising)
Hosted by Sattva Consulting
Online Nov’20


Speaker & Facilitator for “The Funder Pitch” 6-week Program
Hosted by The Blueprint Project

Speaker at Submarine Conference 2020 (communications for social impact)

hosted by Subu & Rakshit

Online Conf. May'20 & June'20

Speaker at Submarine Conference 2019 (communications for social impact)

hosted by Subu & Rakshit

Goa 2019 

Speaker at National Innovation Summit (InnovatED) 

hosted by Teach For India
Delhi 2019

Session on Branding & Entrepreneurship Hosted by Future School of Performing Arts (FSPA) Mumbai 2018


Speaker at National Innovation Summit (InnovatED) 

hosted by Teach For India 
Bangalore 2018

Speaker at Design For Development

hosted by Parivartan Stories

Mumbai 2017