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Simplifying and humanising the idea of child safety to make it everyone's business

Aangan Trust


An org that is making child safety everyone's business

Aangan had just completed an organisational strategy exercise that focused on repositioning the brand and advocacy around child protection. Tasked with the goal of “making child safety everyone's business’, they approached Studio Subu to help them strengthen their brand and build a brand presence that will enable them to meet these goals. 

Our work with Aangan

Repositioning Aangan to make it relevant for other sectors

Over the last two decades, Aangan has been doing some powerful work in the area of child safety. While this has been recognised as important work, child safety has not yet been incorporated into other child-related fields such as education/ health/ climate action etc. We needed to position child safety such that it is an integral part of any field/ sector that pertains to children and girls. Through a narrative writing exercise, we connected the dots of safety and success in other aspects. 

With the narrative as our blueprint, we used multi-media to push out the relevance of child safety. We created a short brand film that brings the relevance to life. We also created a social media plan to disseminate the narrative in smaller pieces, talking to very specific sector-wise audiences. The narrative was also translated into the brand website and funder pitch deck. Finally, we trained the entire team to work with and use the revised narrative and positioning.

Simplifying Aangan's Narrative 

Through our primary research speaking with Aangan’s external stakeholders, we understood that while they recognised child safety to be important, they often found it intimidating, ‘unsolvable’ and didn’t really know their role in it. To address this problem, we worked on a simplified, clearly articulated narrative that made the work more tangible and accessible to others. We co-created a child safety framework with the Aangan team that is relevant across the board for external stakeholders. The framework of LISR (listen, identify, support and respond) made it simple and actionable for multi-stakeholders to incorporate (for eg. across police, schools, and NGO partners). This provided Aangan a larger opportunity to collaborate and partner with others and achieve their goal of standardising child safety. 

Writing and Designing the Website

We re-wrote and re-designed the Aangan brand website to reflect the new narrative and communication for Aangan. Our goal with the website was to keep it simple, tangible, and inspiring, and to clearly articulate the work that Aangan does including the areas of potential collaborations. We leveraged visual design in a way that made the organisation look professional, credible and a serious player in the wider child-centred social impact sector. 

Visit their website:

Equipping the Team with a Handy Brand toolbox and a detailed training workshop

We created a comprehensive, easy-to-use brand toolbox for Aangan to help their team stay on brand as they continued communicating for the org. The toolbox is a combination of words (tone, voice, language, narrative) + visuals (logo usage, colours, fonts, design assets, photography) with a set of simple guidelines on how to work with multiple communication platforms like decks, documents, social media etc. The toolbox was specifically designed for non-comms team members to easily communicate in a unified voice for the org. We also conducted a round of training to help team members use the toolbox.

The toolbox is the most important deliverable in our brand strengthening project because it ensures that all the work we have done for the brand continues long after we have closed the project. The success of our work honestly lies in how confident the team is to take it forward.

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