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Building a Brand Story that does justice to the artisan-first ideology



Creating a market of socially conscious consumers

Rangsutra works with over 3000 artisans and craftsmen across India creating high-quality fabrics and textiles for local and international companies like Ikea. All the artisans are shareholders in the organisation, and the products are ethically made from end-to-end. Rangsutra was looking to transition more fully into the retail space by launching an e-commerce platform where products can be sold under the Rangsutra brand. This required a strong narrative that would communicate Rangsutra’s social mission and build trust with the consumer about the quality and story behind Rangsutra’s products.

What We Did

Crafting a Brand Story that connects the product with artisan empowerment

We crafted a brand story for Rangsutra that included Rangsutra’s powerful story of artisan empowerment. We brought the consumer into the brand story, to tap into her emotion of ethical shopping and sense of identity from the clothes she wears. The narrative “What you wear has a voice” built a deep connection between the consumer and the Rangsutra mission, creating a loyal consumer base. This narrative was developed into a brand booklet and marketing website that outlines Rangsutra’s vision, ideals, and products with real artisan testimonials. We also designed postcards and clothing tags that would serve as a short introduction to Rangsutra’s mission, and encourage consumers to become a part of it.

Keeping the product and brand experience at the centre

While our goal was to create awareness and a market around conscious consumption, our research study at the beginning of the project made us realise that this is still nascent in India. Indian consumers still make their choices based on the product. We had to keep this in mind while building out the RangSutra website and marketing materials. 

We maintained a superior product experience through photography and through a clean viewing experience of the site. We connected the products in nuanced ways to the brand story, which gently introduced the consumer to the social aspect of the work behind the products. We tapped into the consumer’s emotion and context while writing the behind the scenes stories.

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