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Communications Bootcamp

The Communications Bootcamp is a targeted program to help you work on your essential communications materials.

What will you learn?

The bootcamp is a combination of training, up-skilling, strategy, guidance along with custom review and feedback. The program will help the orgs use your internal resources efficiently to produce the most effective materials.

Who is it for?

The program is for NGOs keen to rework their foundational communication materials in-house within a short duration. It’s designed for organisations who are working at a nascent and/or bootstrapped level, but need to get their basic comms in place.

Program Schedule

Everything you need to know about the program

  • Overview

    We will start with a pre-kickoff meeting with all the orgs in the cohort to share program details, set expectations, and be prepared for the engagement.


    Every organisation will be required to submit a detailed list of documents, materials, reports, program write-ups, proposals, decks and a range of other assets and resources. This will help our team do a thorough internal study and draft an action plan for each organisation.

  • Overview

    All registered organisations (with upto 2 people per org) will attend a 2-day in-person communications workshop that will introduce them to a practical and efficient approach to communications for their org.

    We will dive deep into frameworks, tools and best practices in communications that are targeted towards strengthening the organisation’s brand presence, fundraising efforts, program impact and team culture. The training is specifically designed as a combination of theory, group sessions for peer learning, individual working time to apply the theory and frameworks and open discussions.


    WeWork Eleven West, Baner, Pune

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    Purpose of the Training

    The sessions are curated to give orgs a 360-degree understanding of all aspects of communications from research, design, content writing and creation, to conversion and outreach strategies. 

    The training is specifically designed as a combination of theory, group sessions for peer learning, individual working time to apply the theory and frameworks and open discussions.

    Overview of topics
    covered in the 2 days


    The starter kit to strengthen your brand communications for fundraising and expansion

    This session will give you a comprehensive run down of all materials and assets you need to elevate your organisation’s brand experience across stakeholders. You will learn about why and how to build each of the materials with details about timelines and resources needed to invest. The checklist will help you feel confident and clear about how to devleop your org’s starter kit customised for its annual goals.


    Customising your narrative pitch for different 
scenarios and stakeholder

    Your pitch is your brand narrative. It acts as the core nucleus of your communication efforts. Everything you create needs a strong foundational narrative. The session will help you learn how build a powerful brand/program narrative, and customise it for varied usages and stakeholders. You will leave this session with a framework that you can confidently use and that can adapt to your org requirements.


    Demystifying the creative implementation process

    Sometimes, the hardest part of the work is the actual "building" process. 
This session will provide a framework to use to build your materials from 
start to finish. In addition, we will deep dive into the fundamentals 
of design. By the end of the workshops you should feel more in control 
of the process and confident to deliver top quality creatives within set deadlines. The process will help you manage time, manage expectations 
with external collaborators in the creative process, and keep you on track 
to achieving your targets.


    A simplified execution plan to document and showcase outcomes and impact (qualitative)

    Qualitative impact plays a critical role in engaging with external stakeholders 
like funders and potential partners. This session will take you through the specific role that videos, photos, stories, qualitative information play in creating 
a level of understanding, empathy and urgency in the work that your organisation does. You will get guidelines on how to collect qualitative data, 
and an execution plan on how to put it together to present to your stakeholders.


    Structuring a comprehensive annual communications strategy that adapts to your org goals

    This session addresses the need for and power of a strong communications strategy. You will engage in a step-by-step process on how to build a strategy for your organisation, how to monitor it, and how to iterate on it as the year progresses. The session includes tips on how to get all departments in the organisations involved and contribute to your strategy.

  • 1-1 Audits to Identify Goals

    After the training, we will schedule a 2 hour long video call with each org’s core team to get an in-depth understanding of your annual goals across fundraising, partnership, programmatic and org growth and other key focus areas. The discussion will help us learn about your team’s strengths and key challenge areas to target.

    Building the 10 week Custom Action Plan

    We will collaboratively build a custom action plan that your team (in it's current capacity, with its current skill level) can effectively execute. We will brainstorm on their priorities, stakeholder needs and key milestones to achieve. This will
be a detailed, 10 week execution plan with day-wise and week-wise breakdown of tasks to be implemented. The tasks will be centred around building relevant materials, documents and strong communication experiences that can assist you in meeting the big priorities and goals set by the organisation.

  • Overview

    The Masterclasses are designed to help orgs get targeted technical guidance to execute your tasks. Multiple people from each org are welcome to attend a masterclass depending on it's relevance to you. In a nutshell, the masterclasses will be 4 weeks of technical training i.e. specific “how to’s” to up-skill and speed up your implementation plan.
Each week will have a 90 min virtual group masterclass. We will shortlist 4 topics from a list that the group of organisations need the most assistance with.

    Nature of the Masterclasses

    We will conduct the group masterclasses using actual materials, content, and deliverables of one of the opted-in orgs.
The format of the sessions will be a combination of technical tutorial, live critique / feedback round, and a quick Q/A round.

    Some of the topics for masterclasses, along with formats of particular topics recommended by us as most relevant are listed here.

    List of Topics

    Methods and techniques for documenting and writing stories of change from the field​​

    Quick design techniques and tools to create 
campaigns on social media

    Dissecting and re-writing your narrative story

    Photography and videography techniques 
to capturing work on ground

    How to build a consolidated communications kit for teams and external members to use effectively

    Fundamentals of creating a strong website

    Specifics on creating print+digital viewing 

    Targeted tutorial on how to visually clean up 
your pitch decks

    Masterclass #1

    Techniques for documenting and writing powerful stories of change
    • Interviewing styles and research data collection​

    • Short demo on writing and constructing stories

    • Breaking down different use cases for stories and case studies

    • Language and writing styles

    • Org-specific examples of ways to bring the stories to life (technical improvements)

    • Photography and videography techniques on for capturing work on ground

    • Simple capturing techniques (using phone cameras)

    • Layouts and compositions, Basics of editing directly on your phone

    Masterclass #2

    How to plan and build strong campaigns on social media
    • Planning a social media calendar

    • Breaking down the construction of a campaign

    • Building topical themes to explore

    • Tips, tools and techniques to enhance creatives

    Masterclass #3

    Fundamentals of creating an engaging website
    • Understanding fundamentals of web experience

    • Introduction to layouts, flow and sections

    • Breaking down how to adapt your content for web experience

    • Understanding responsive design (building for mobile phones)

    • Simple design tips to bring visuals to life

    • How to provide feedback and direction to other creatives

    Masterclass #4

    How to build a consolidated brand guide and kit for team members and external stakeholders to use effectively
    • Components and sections in a guidebook​

    • Collation and curation of information

    • Organising and laying out info across the book

    • Design and layout tips

    • Ready-to-use templates to get started

  • Format of the Session

    Each week, we will dedicate an optional 60 min open house slot for participants to share questions, thoughts and get clarification on the pieces that you are building. This will be an online group discussion led by Studio Subu. The purpose of the Open House is to provide additional touch points to participants who may need a bit more assistance during the course of the bootcamp.

    • Ask questions, clarify doubts 

    • Short feedback on work-in-progress pieces 

    • Short discussions on uncovered topics like "ethics"

    • Optional for organisations

    4 Open House Meetups (Week 4 - Week 7)

    1 Open House Session (60 mins) per week

  • Overview

    We will schedule three immersive 1-1 virtual feedback discussions with the orgs (60 mins each). The ultimate goal is to assist your teams with the right guidance and suggestions to take your tasks / creations to the finish line on time. 

    What will happen during the sessions
    • 1-1 online meeting (60 minutes long)

    • Evaluation of what teams have built

    • Brainstorm on how to mitigate any roadblocks

    • Provide targeted suggestions on how to improve materials / creatives 

    • Suggest alternative directions to speed up implementation process and still meet your goals

    50% Ready
    • Interviewing styles and research data collection​

    • Short demo on writing and constructing stories and writing styles

    • Breaking down different use cases for stories and case studies

    • Org-specific examples of ways to bring the stories to life (technical improvements)

    • Photography and videography techniques on for capturing work on ground

    • Simple capturing techniques (using phone cameras)

    • Layouts and compositions, Basics of editing directly on your phone

    80% ready
    • In Round 2, Team Subu will focus on providing targeted feedback on specific elements across your materials and documents

    • Orgs are expected to have their action plan at a 75-80% stage of readiness

    • Feedback will be centred around strengthening technical aspects of writing, design, strategy and curation

    • Orgs are encouraged to push their tasks to as close to completion as possible before this feedback round to maximise the discussion opportunity

    95% ready
    • In Round 3, Team Subu will focus on providing orgs with tactical feedback on how to take all components to completion

    • Orgs are expected to have their action plan at a 95% stage of readiness

    • Feedback will be centred around assisting orgs with decision making, and committing to components that can fast-track the execution process.

    • Orgs are required to be extremely prepared with their work to get a detailed, thorough feedback from Team Subu

  • Overview

    This will be a 90 min online meeting with all the organisations to reflect on the project journey and share best practices and learnings. We will curate a section of the meeting as a highlight showreel to feature small wins that we thought were a game changer for each organisation. This will be the final showcase call for the project.​​

    Format of the session
    • Each organisation will have 10 mins to showcase everything they've worked on over the course of the program

    • This will be followed by 5 mins of group feedback (share what we loved, and how the work can be strengthened further)

    • Final 15 mins of the meeting will be reserved for reflections and closing thoughts

Studio Subu Team

Partner, CEO/Creative Head

Harish Subramanian

Partner, Head of Strategy & Business


Senior Design Researcher


Senior Visual Designer


Head of Operations



Featured Bootcamp Alumni

The team communicates their message using simple language, which has helped us gain clarity and has created a strong impact. They have reduced complexity in our minds when working with different teams or while writing and designing something.

Subodh Kumar

Knowledge Management Systems Lead,

Centre For Aquatic Livelihood - Jaljeevika

Subodh Kumar

Knowledge Management Systems Lead

Centre for Aquatic Livelihood - Jaljeevika

Kedar Sohoni


Green Communities Foundation

Ankita Patil

Project Officer

Centre for Aquatic Livelihood - Jaljeevika

By the end of the program, you should feel confident to plan and build powerful communications for your org.


Step 1

Fill up the application form

The application form will help us get detailed information about your org and the current challenges.

Step 2

Book a call with us

Choose a time slot in the form and book an orientation call with Studio Subu to clarify doubts and ask questions.

Step 3

Get notified on your selection

Once we go through calls with all the orgs, we will notify the selected orgs on their participation in the bootcamp.

Apply & Book a Call with us

Deadline to submit the form and book a call: May 28

Note: We've limited the program to 20 organisations. 

For questions please write to

Program Format

12 Week Cohort-based Program

2 Day In-person Training

Dedicated 10 Week Implementation

Guidance & Feedback throughout the Program

Program Duration: June to September

Start Date: 13th June 

Full Program Timeline can be accessed here.

Important Dates


12 Week Communications Bootcamp


2 Day In-person Training

Dedicated 10 Week Implementation

Start Date: 28th June 2024

Application Details

If you think that this program can be helpful to your org, you can fill
up the form here. Additionally please also book a time slot for a initiation call with us here.


The entire program will be partially funded by Forbes Marshall & SVP. The remaining cost to be paid by the orgs:


Rs. 1.5 lac + GST

Full amount payable at the time of registration

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