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The following selection of five projects sums up some of my best work. They are long-format, heavily immersive case studies that have pushed my research, strategy and design thinking processes. I have led all the featured projects under my strategy and design firm — Subu & Rakshit.


I have been all-hands-on-deck for each aspect of the project, from research to writing, to design and client-servicing. I have chosen these cases for the unique challenges they posed, and my approach towards finding a solution for their problem. Each project goes through a leg of research that spans for 4-6 weeks. This includes a combination of interviews and workshops with internal and external stakeholders. I also do field visits to shadow teams and conduct an ethnographic study on ground. The findings help me identify directions to explore to find a solution.


I build a creative strategy backed by the learnings. The implementation phase is iterative and highly inclusive. I involve my stakeholders and beneficiaries at every stage. 4 out of 5 of the projects feature a non-profit organisation, and I’ve included 1 personal project that I am extremely proud of (Lil Subu). I have included a short case summary for each project to provide context and an overview of my learnings and solution. 

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