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We are looking for 2 Design Apprentices

Quick Overview

Do you have strong technical skills and a genuine interest in working in the social impact space?

You will be closely working with the creative team to implement selected creative projects handled by the Studio. You will be jumping in and out of multiple digital and print-focussed tasks. Your control over pace, timelines and execution plans will be critical. The role requires a combination of strong technical design skills, control over type/colour/layouts/photography, and the ability to empathise with the needs of our partner organisations.

Duration: May - July (3 months)

Location: Hybrid (Goa + Remote)

No. of Openings: 2

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Week-wise Breakdown

What you get

What matters to us

Week-wise Breakdown

The apprenticeship will be split into 3 phases

  • Induction and Immersion

    Duration: 2 Weeks

    Location: Goa (In-person at the Studio Subu office)

    Week 1:

    Introduction to Studio Subu's ethos, team, and current projects. Overview of social impact sector challenges and approach to design.

    Week 2:

    Overview of design tools (Adobe Suite, Figma), research methodologies, and project management essentials. 

  • Learning and Practical Engagement

    Duration: 8 Weeks

    Location: Goa / Remote

    Weeks 3-6:

    You will shadow the creative team, engaging in a variety of digital and print-focused tasks. This phase emphasises learning through observation and hands-on assistance, allowing you to understand the pace, timelines, and execution plans that are integral to Studio Subu's projects. You will assist with design and writing tasks, applying your technical skills in type, colour, layouts, and photography while adapting to the needs of our partner organisations.

    Weeks 7-10:

    Continuation of team shadowing, with increased involvement in assisting ongoing projects. You will refine your ability to empathise with our partners’ needs, enhance your design and writing skills, and contribute to the studio's creative outputs under close mentorship.

  • Reflection and Growth

    Duration: 2 Weeks

    Location: Goa / Remote

    Weeks 11:

    You will reflect on your experiences, focusing on personal process and growth. This week is dedicated to gathering insights and feedback from the creative team and identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

    Weeks 12:

    Presentation of an individual learning journey to the Studio Subu team. You will share your reflections, key takeaways, and how you have grown over the program. The team will provide final feedback and discuss potential paths forward.

What will you get?

An opportunity to contribute to some honest social change with an extremely skilled team. 

  1. Mentorship: 
    You'll receive guidance and feedback from experts in communications, design and strategy within the social impact sector [insert H/M/R/G bios]. This mentorship is designed to help you grow your skills, refine your design process, and navigate the challenges of the social impact sector.

  2. Understanding the Role of Design and Comms in Social Impact:
    You'll gain a deep understanding of how to leverage design and communications for social change. You'll learn to apply this understanding to help you build more long-lasting solutions for the organisations and partners we work with.

  3. Opportunity to join our team:
    While the apprenticeship itself is a rich learning experience, there's also the potential for outstanding apprentices to join our team.


Selection Process

A 4 step selection process

  1. Initial Application: Complete the application form and await our response

  2. First Interview & Design Assignment: If shortlisted, we will arrange an interview and provide a homework assignment.

  3. Assignment Submission & Second Interview: Submit the assignment within the given timeframe. We'll then schedule a second interview to review your submission.

  4. Final Decision: We will inform you of our decision via email after reviewing your assignment.

Application Process

How to Apply

The process is simple:​

Fill in this form

How we roll

We care about your how you connect with the work and people we work with. 

  • How much do you actually care about designing for social change?

    The process and steps you follow to design anything.

    What you have in your portfolio. Particularly how you present projects that you have worked on and how to explain the one highlight project in the application. ( For the portfolio, we care about quality over quantity, so please don’t show us random one-off doodles, or a random “docu-photo series of the city streets” or pack in more projects that you aren’t proud of)

    How you present and explain your work in your portfolio. If you’re showing group/team projects, please keep it real about what aspect of it you exactly work on or lead.

    How much do you understand + your skills in designing for digital / web

    Having control over tools :: Adobe Suite, Figma

  • Where you studied

    How well you scored in your college

    If you’re a trained or a self-taught designer. (As far as you know your stuff, we’re cool).

    Limited work experience

    How packed your resume looks / reads (so please don’t fill it up for the sake of it)

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