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Creating a digital archive of fun, exciting, open-source drawings for children

Personal Project

Project Duration:

Lil Subu is Harish's personal on-going experimental project where he make open-source drawings for kids to colour in. This project brief is written by Harish in first person.


I was looking for fun colouring books online for my child and realised there was nothing that looked exciting. I decided to make a few fun drawings for kids. I was inspired by watching children around me come up with absurd imaginative backstories for simple objects and things around the house. I built my characters around this idea.


I made turned fruits, vegetables, random household objects into funny characters. I began with Banana Boy and I soon started making a few each week and uploaded them online for free download. I intended to provide parents easy, accessible, and fun drawings that they can quickly print and bring home from work for their kids. I wanted kids to colour them with their own imagination and share them with their friends and me online.


Over time, I started taking requests from children for new characters. I also began exploring the idea of building mini-sized, ready-to-use pocket decks (A6-size). I custom printed a small-batch for sale. I liked the idea of a compact, handy-size that you could throw into your bag when you’re trying to keep your child busy at a restaurant or someone’s home. It was a short home-production run. I sold about 50-60 copies. While I gained great traction for the concept, I hit a few logistical roadblocks on the way. The project is now on hold. I plan to resume it soon. 

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