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To preserve the immersive experience of our conference, we will limit seats to max 30 members

Who is this conference for? 

SC2023 is specifically curated for members in communications and/or leadership roles at organisations driving social change across India.

Where is the 2023 Conference held?

We are hosting SC2023 at the Oberoi Grand in the heart of Kolkata. All participants will be hosted in the hotel through the 3-day residency.

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A 3-day immersive residency custom-designed for social impact organisations to leverage the power of communications to achieve their annual targets and goals.

Mar 30 – Apr 1

Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

Registration Deadline:
March 10

Submarine is a unique comms-focussed bootcamp where we will deep dive into frameworks, tools and best practices in communications that are targeted towards strengthening your brand presence, fundraising efforts, program impact and team culture.

Our sessions are curated to give you a 360 degree understanding of all aspects of communications, from research, to content writing, to design, to conversion & outreach strategies. Submarine is structured to be a highly collaborative experience packed with workshops, brainstorms and group critique spaces.

The conference is designed as a unique 3 days 2 nights residency program that allows you to maximise your time with our team, our speakers and our participants. It will give you the space you need to process, reflect and strategise the way-forward for your organisation. 


Early bird Registration Fee
INR 15,750 + GST 


Your participation fee will include 2 nights stay and meals during the conference :).


Please click here and fill out the registration form. Our team will review your application and reach out to you once we confirm your seat. 

1. The starter kit to strengthen your brand communications for fundraising and expansion.

This session will give you a comprehensive run down of all materials and assets you need to elevate your organisation’s brand experience across stakeholders. You will learn about why and how to build each of the materials with details about timelines and resources needed to invest. The checklist will help you feel confident and clear about how to devleop your org’s starter kit customised for its annual goals.

2. Structuring a comprehensive annual communications strategy that adapts with your org goals

This session addresses the need for and power of a strong communications strategy. You will engage in a step by step process on how to build a strategy for your organisation, how to monitor it, and how to iterate on it as the year progresses. The session includes tips on how to get all departments in the organisations involved and contribute to your strategy.

3. Customising your narrative pitch for different scenarios and stakeholder

Your pitch is your brand narrative. It acts as the core nucleus of your communication efforts. Everything you create needs a strong foundational narrative. The session will help you learn how build a powerful brand/program narrative, and customise it for varied usages and stakeholders. You will leave this session with a framework that you can confidently use and that can adapt to your org requirements.

4. Demistifying the creative implementation process

Sometimes, the hardest part of the work is the actual "building" process. This session will provide a framework to use to build your materials from start to finish. In addition, we will deep dive into the fundamentals of design. By the end of the workshops you should feel more in control of the process and confident to deliver top quality creatives within set deadlines. The process will help you manage time, manage expectations with external collaborators in the creative process, and keep you on track to achieving your targets.

5. A simplified execution plan to document and showcase outcomes and impact (qualitative)

Qualitative impact plays a critical role in engaging with external stakeholders like funders and potential partners. This session will take you through the specific role that videos, photos, stories, qualitative information play in creating a level of understanding, empathy and urgency in the work that your organisation does. You will get guidelines on how to collect qualitative data, and an execution plan on how to put it together to present to your stakeholders. 

6. The foundation of constructing an in-house communications team for the future

Getting the right resources is critical in achieving your communication goals. We will recommend the most impactful and cost-effective ways to achieve your targeted org goals. This could range from outsourcing a large part of your comms to building a full-suite robust in-house communications team. We will help you plan for and source the right mix so that you can get started with your newly designed strategy!


12-2:30pm: Arrivals + Lunch
2:30-3.00pm: Meet & Greet Activity
3.00-3:45pm: Opening + Intro
3:45-4.15pm: Session 1
4.15-5pm: Workshop
5-5:15pm: Break
5.15-6pm: Session 2 
6-6.45pm: Workshop
6.45-7.30pm: Q&A
7.30-7.45pm: Recap + Wrap
8.30pm : Dinner Together


7.30-9.30am: Breakfast Together
9.30-10am: Recap & Intro to Day 2
10am-10.30am: Session 3
10.30-11.30am: Workshop
11.30-11.45pm: Break

11.45-12.15pm: Reflections
12:15-1pm: Round Table Discussions
1-2.30pm: Lunch

2.30-3pm: Warm up + Zone in

3-3.30pm: Session 4 (Part 1)
3.30-4pm: Workshop

4-4.15pm: Break

4.15-5.15pm: Session 4 (Part 2)
5.15-6.15pm: Workshop
6.15-6.45pm: Q&A + Recap
8pm: Dinner Together


7.30-9.30am: Breakfast Together

9.30-9.45am: Recap + Intro to Day 3
9.45-10.15am: Session 5 
10.15-10.45am: Workshop
10.45-11am: Break

11-11.30am: Session 6
11.15-11.45am: Q&A
11.30-12:15pm: Q&A

12.15-1pm: Reflections & Closing

image of Meghna Rakshit COO and business strategy head at Studio Subu

Meghna Rakshit

COO, Business & Strategy Head

Studio Subu

black and white image of Harish Subramanian CEO and Creative Head of Studio Subu

Harish Subramanian

CEO, Creative Head

Studio Subu


Siddharth Agarwal

Senior Manager, New Media & Knowledge Sharing
Studio Subu


Siddharth Sengupta

Visual Designer
Studio Subu

“Submarine gave us an exhaustive set of tools that one could customise based on the context they are communicating in. I believe the efficiency it's going to bring in my team’s, as well as my own functioning, is going to be strong”


Soumya Jain, CEO

"Sessions are well lined up and planned out. Each session had a learning and doing component in the form of workshops. It helps not only in processing the learning but also in knowing how it might get implemented"

Kanwaraj Singh, Communications Manager 


321 Education Foundation
Adhyayan Foundation
Akanksha Foundation

Aangan Trust

Ashraya Foundation for Children

Bala Vikasa
Barefoot College
Enabling Leadership
Entrepreneurs Associates
Foster and Forge Foundation

Femme First Foundation
Global Partnership for Social Accountability
Hakdarshak Empowerment Solutions 

Independent Strategists

India Fellows

International Innvation Corps (U. of Chicago Trust)
iTeach Schools
Labour India Gurukulam
Leadership For Equity

Learn to Play, Botswana

Life Lab


Moi Namaste

Nalandaway Foundation
Piramal Foundation
Quest Alliance

Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management


Sanjhi Sikhiya

Simple Education Foundation

SNEHA Mumbai

Sriguruji Art Academy

St. George Educational Trust

St. Willibrord Innovative Schools

Sutradhar India

Teach A Class Foundation

Teach For Bangladesh

Teach For India

The 4th Wheel

The Apprentice Project


Udhyam Learning Foundation

Vedica Scholars

Vivekanand Vaidyak Pratishthan

Vratya Foundation


Over the last 7 years, our team has been helping organisations achieve their fundraising, brand building, recruitment and program goals by leveraging communications -. We are a small team doing targeted long-term projects. We have worked hard in helping the market change its perception of the role of communications & design, and begin investing more in research-backed solutions. This has been a slow change. There is still a lot more work 
to be done, and a lot more support needed. Submarine was created to allow us to reach more organisations 
at a faster pace and share our learnings in a simplified, tangible manner.

Our ultimate goal with Submarine is to help our participants 
leave the conference with clarity, and confidence to integrate stronger communication and design practices into their organisation’s workflow.


Submarine Conference is the sole property of Studio Subu LLP. All Rights Reserved.

For any questions, please write to

Video & Photo Credits: Suraj Katra & Bay101

Typeface Credits: Shiva Nallaperumal

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