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Invest 70% of your time in content and 30% in visual design

Visual design is meant to bring your story to life. While in some cases, it plays a pivotal role in connecting with your stakeholder, in many cases its success hinges on how strong your content is.

The way we narrate and tell our story is the most important piece to drive a deep connection with your stakeholder. Investing in crafting a strong narrative about our work, our purpose and or goals can take your communications a lot further than you think.

We have worked on over 150-200 projects in the past 9 years. We can safely say that our team has invested about 60-70% of the project duration making sure the content does justice to the work an organisation does. Everything hinges on the narrative. If we develop a powerful story, the effort required to bring the story to life through visuals is negligible.

Note: The role of design in the social impact space is a lot different than that in the FMCG or corporate space. We aren’t selling a service or a product in the social sector. We are looking for stakeholders to buy into our work and support us in different ways.

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