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Recreating the depth and intimacy of the work in local communities for a web experience


SNEHA Mumbai Project



16 weeks

Photo Credits

Suraj Katra


SNEHA Mumbai is a non-profit based in Mumbai, building evidence-based solutions with communities, governments and public health systems to improve health outcomes of vulnerable urban women and children. Taking stakeholders on-ground for a community tour was the most effective way to explain the depth of SNEHA’s work. The organisation was looking to effectively translate the on-ground experience onto their marketing website to save time and resources.



After conducting series of group discussions and interviews with the internal team and external stakeholders (funders + partners), we learnt that the organisation had developed several new programs and found it hard to articulate their work areas in a cohesive manner. Teams were misaligned on how they categorised the programs, making it hard to clearly communicate with stakeholders. Additionally, we conducted a few field visits to study the programs on-ground and understand how to recreate the community experience online.



The narrative was re-written keeping the sensitivity of the work areas in mind. We reorganised the programs to bring them together under one unified purpose – “Continuum of Care” (showcased in the visuals). The visual breaks allowed to soften the density of the content on the website. The components across pages have been custom designed for better viewing across mobile and tablet screens. Photography has played a huge role in capturing the mood and depth of work done on-ground by SNEHA. We worked with Suraj Katra (a fabulous photographer) to help us execute my creative vision for the images. The redesigned narrative and photography have benefitted SNEHA’s team in their fundraising efforts and other external communication work.

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