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The Need

You don't have a senior team member who knows how to steer comms and leverage it for your org

Communications is not a one-time fix. While bringing external agencies/ freelancers to do targeted communications projects can help set you up for your funding or partnership goals, you need to be able to continuously communicate with your stakeholders to keep them engaged and invested in your work. 

Many organisations have tried to hire and build some of this capacity in-house, but have struggled beyond a certain point, which has limited the way the organisation can leverage communications effectively and strategically to meet their goals. Typically, as a starting point, orgs need to hire “implementation” team members to write/ design/ build out communications materials for the organisation. These are usually young hires with 3-5 years experience who may not have the vision to drive strategic communications for the org. The responsibility of this ends up with the CEO/ Founder who often don’t have the bandwidth to do justice to the responsibility.

The Strategic Partner program is our attempt to fill this gap.

Program Overview

We will play the role of Communications Director for your Organisation

This program is a 6 month - 1 year long engagement with Studio Subu. We play the role of a communications director for your organisation. Our team oversees the entire planning and implementation process, and provides rigorous training and capacity building support to help your internal comms members and outsourced teams effectively execute the plan through the year. We structure the support in the following manner:

  1. Conduct a Need Analysis Report by studying the org’s communications practice, challenges, goals and priorities

  2. Build the communications strategy & implementation plan by quarter

  3. Provide customised training & capacity building for the existing comms team with the skills they need to implement on the plan


Ongoing Support

  1. Bi-monthly check-in meetings with the comms team to set targets and tasks for every two weeks, review work, solve for blockers etc.

  2. Quarterly Leadership Team Meetings to set quarterly goals and priorities

  3. End of quarter evaluation and adjustments to the following quarter

  4. End of Year Assessment

  5. Ongoing Support for Hiring & Outsourcing

How will it help you?

Let us handle comms while you focus on other things that are on 

You will have a highly experienced team overseeing your entire communications function, and giving direction to your organisation to best leverage comms. We will work closely with your comms team to ensure that the work gets done.

We are mindful of the costs of hiring a full time Communications Director, as well as the difficulty in finding the right full time person, and will be able to fill that gap at a more efficient price point, allowing you to save funds and reallocate them towards hiring more implementation team members. We will also train and upskill your team to be able to slowly take on the director level responsibilities over time. 

Communications is a dynamic and constantly changing and evolving function, and needs to respond quickly to changes and developments in the organisation. We will be able to guide you to prioritise and change various tasks to best support the organisation in its fundraising, partnerships and growth goals.

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