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Submarine Mumbai 2024 Guide

A quick guide to help you navigate all Submarine conference related information. 

In addition to this, you will also find all resources and materials shared during the 3 days. 

Submarine Crew Meet-Up

4-5pm, 15th March (Friday)

Google Meet link

Whatsapp Group

Scan this QR code to join the larger Submarine community WhatsApp group with ex-submariners from all the previous editions to share and exchange resources and ideas. 

Next Up: Submarine BLR

We will be hosting the next one in Bangalore! Feel free to share this with your teams and network. 

28-30 August 2024 

  • We are always interested to learn about the different ways Submariners go on to build powerful communications after the conference. We host several interactions across the year to exchange learnings, ideas and insights within our 80+ member group.  You will all be added to our Ex-Submariners Whatsapp group where members are constantly sharing tools, resources and insights. 

    Scan the QR code below or click here to join our larger Submarine community

    We also offer specialised 1-1 assistance for Orgs where the Studio Subu team will  help you apply the frameworks and tools shared during Submarine in a strategic and systematic way. 

    Learn more about this program on the link below. In case you have any other questions, please ask any of the Studio Subu team members at the conference. 

    Comms Advisory Support 

    Year-long support for organisations who are working at a nascent and/or bootstrapped level and looking for customised assistance on how to strengthen their communication methods for raising funds, building partnerships.

  • Where can I find the presentation decks shared during the conference?

    You can access all presentation decks in the “Day-wise summary” section of this webpage.

    Where can I access the photos taken during the conference?

    You can find all conference photos here.

    How can I tag Studio Subu when posting about the Submarine conference on social media?

    You can tag Studio Subu on LinkedIn using our handle @Studio Subu and on Instagram using the handle @studiosubu. Thank you in advance :)

    When is our next scheduled meeting?

    We've planned a virtual hangout on March 15th, 2024, from 4-5pm for all participants. The call is meant to be a causal check-in where we will share our progress on tasks we committed to implementing post-Submarine, using the frameworks discussed.  We will also address any blockers or questions that come up over the two weeks.

    How can I reach out to the Studio Subu team?

    Our email IDs are listed in the Studio Subu Team section of this page. Feel free to drop us an email with any queries.

    How can I connect with other participants from my Submarine cohort?

    In addition to the WhatsApp group created for this cohort, you can find everyone’s email IDs in the email titled “Welcome to The Submarine Conference-Mumbai, Feb 2024!”, where all participants were cc'd.

    Where can I learn more about other collaboration opportunities with Studio Subu

    Explore all of Studio Subu’s program offerings on our website. If you're interested in a customised program for your organisation or exploring other areas of collaboration, please reach out to

  • Ananya Gupta. Dharohar Charitable Foundation

    Anthea Lobo. Project FUEL

    Anu Priya Babu. Dakshin Foundation

    Bhagyashree Gandhi Deshpande. Vikalpa

    Bhawani Bhatt. Dharohar Charitable foundation

    Deborah C. Good Business Lab

    Dharmaraj Solanki Information Technology Learning Hub

    Donboklang Majaw. Sauramandala Foundation

    Kaivalya Rajaram Dandekar. Lokmanya Public Charitable Trust

    Kamiya Bolya. Dharohar Charitable foundation

    Karthik BJ. Gubbachi Learning Community

    Kashmira Dubash. ITDP India

    Kruti Dalal. ARMMAN

    Kshipra Ajrekar. Dalberg Global Development Advisors

    Laressa Gomez. Trickle Up

    Meghna Chawla. Foster and Forge Foundation

    Muhammed Shafi PP. IndiVillage Foundation

    Natasha Sharma. Community Design Agency

    Nidhi R Vatsa. Pehlay Akshar Foundation

    Osheen Jain. STEM Maker Bhavan Foundation

    Preethy Rao. Gubbachi Learning Community

    Shaiza. Foster and Forge Foundation

    Shashank Mittal. Community Design Agency

    Shweta Thampan. ARMMAN

    Sushmita. Good Business Lab

    Yogesh Subhash Waghchoure. Pehlay Akshar Foundation

  • We are a small team doing targeted work for organisations driving social change. We have been working hard in helping the market change its perception of the role of communications & design, and begin investing more in research-backed solutions. This has been a slow change. There is still a lot more work to be done, and a lot more support needed. Over the last 9 years, our team has engaged with over 200+ organisations through its services, training & capacity building programs and short courses. Our partner organisations work across the field of Health & Nutrition, Education, Youth Leadership, Water, Housing, Road Safety, Community Development, Gender, and Women Empowerment.

    The Studio Subu team will be with you across the 3 days of the conference. Reach out to us with any questions you might have or to just say hi!

    Partner, Head of Strategy & Business

    Meghna Rakshit

    Senior Design Researcher

    Rhea Antony

    Senior Visual Designer

    Gayatri Shah

    Head of Operations

    Siddhika Nagwade

    Partner, CEO / Creative Head

    Harish Subramanian

  • Hope you've had an awesome Day 1! Below you will find the decks for both sessions on the two topics covered on building a powerful toolkit and an effective comms strategy.

    Session 1 Slide Deck


    The starter kit to strengthen your brand communications for fundraising and expansion

    Session 2 Slide Deck


    Structuring a comprehensive annual communications strategy that adapts to

    your org goals

    Additional Resources

  • Day 2 was all about diving deeper into the how to effectively craft powerful stories and deconstruct the creative process. Below you will find all the deck slides for the 2 sessions. 

    Session 3 Slide Deck

    Customising your narrative pitch for different 
scenarios and stakeholder

    Session 4 Slide Deck

    Structuring a comprehensive annual communications strategy that adapts to

    your org goals

    Additional Resources

  • On day 3 we dived into how to plan and effectively capture impact on ground, through both words and visuals.  We then discussed how exactly to build a solid comms team and inlvolve the right members to execute a comms strategy. Find the decks for session 5 & 6 below. 

    Session 5 Slide Deck

    A simplified execution plan to document and showcase outcomes and impact (qualitative)

    Session 6 Slide Deck
    The foundation of constructing an in-house communications team for the future


This session will give you a comprehensive run down of all materials and assets you need to elevate your organisation’s brand experience across stakeholders. You will learn about why and how to build each of the materials with details about timelines and resources needed to invest. The checklist will help you feel confident and clear about how to devleop your org’s starter kit customised for its annual goals.

The starter kit to strengthen your brand communications for fundraising and expansion.


This session addresses the need for and power of a strong communications strategy. You will engage in a step-by-step process on how to build a strategy for your organisation, how to monitor it, and how to iterate on it as the year progresses. The session includes tips on how to get all departments in the organisations involved and contribute to your strategy.

Structuring a comprehensive annual communications strategy that adapts to your org goals


Your pitch is your brand narrative. It acts as the core nucleus of your communication efforts. Everything you create needs a strong foundational narrative. The session will help you learn how build a powerful brand/program narrative, and customise it for varied usages and stakeholders. You will leave this session with a framework that you can confidently use and that can adapt to your org requirements.

Customising your narrative pitch for different 
scenarios and stakeholder


Sometimes, the hardest part of the work is the actual "building" process. 
This session will provide a framework to use to build your materials from 
start to finish. In addition, we will deep dive into the fundamentals 
of design. By the end of the workshops you should feel more in control 
of the process and confident to deliver top quality creatives within set deadlines. The process will help you manage time, manage expectations 
with external collaborators in the creative process, and keep you on track 
to achieving your targets.

Demystifying the creative implementation process


Qualitative impact plays a critical role in engaging with external stakeholders 
like funders and potential partners. This session will take you through the specific role that videos, photos, stories, qualitative information play in creating 
a level of understanding, empathy and urgency in the work that your organisation does. You will get guidelines on how to collect qualitative data, 
and an execution plan on how to put it together to present to your stakeholders.

A simplified execution plan to document and showcase outcomes and impact (qualitative)


Getting the right resources is critical in achieving your communication goals. We will recommend the most impactful and cost-effective ways to achieve your targeted org goals. This could range from outsourcing a large part of 
your comms to building a full-suite robust in-house communications team. 
We will help you plan for and source the right mix so that you can get started with your newly designed strategy!

The foundation of constructing an in-house communications team for the future


9.30am -10: Meet & Greet
10am-10.45: Opening + Intro
10.45am-11.15am: Session 1
11.15-11.30am: Break
11.30-12.15pm: Workshop
12.15-12.45pm: Reflections
12.45-2pm: Lunch
2-2.45pm: Session 2 
2.45-3.30pm: Workshop
3.30-3.45pm: Break
3.45-4.15pm Q&A
4.15-430pm: Recap + Wrap


9.30-10am: Recap & Intro to Day 2
10am-10.30am: Session 3 (Part 1)
10.30-11.30am: Workshop
11.30-11.45pm: Break
11.45-12pm: Session 3 (Part 2)
12-1230pm: Workshop
12.30-12.45pm: Reflections + Summary
12.45-2pm: Lunch
2-2.45pm: Session 4 
2.45-3pm: Q&A
3-3.15pm Break
3.15-4.15pm: Workshop
4.15-4.30pm: Reflections + Wrap


9.30-10am: Recap & Intro to Day 3
10am-10.45am: Session 5
10.45-11.15am: Planning Time + Q&A
11.15-11.30pm: Break
11.30-12pm: Session 6
12-1230pm: Q&A
12.30-12.45pm: Reflections
12.45-2pm: Lunch
2-2.45pm: “What Next” Discussion 
2.45-3.15pm: 3-day recap + Thoughts
3.15-3.30pm Closing + Wrap


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